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Patti Steele

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I have had the privilege of being coached by Patti this past year, and I can tell you she is top-notch! What a “breath of fresh air” to have someone who is qualified, experienced as a counselor and a coach, and truly has the client’s best interest in mind. Her level of honesty, integrity and compassion is evident from the very first time you meet. Her questioning strategies allowed me to get to the root of what I came to coaching for, and to make the needed goals and plans to move forward. I would highly recommend Patti to anyone who is seeking to live an authentic life and to move forward in all areas of your life. ~ Karen

Patti helped me tremendously when I was facing a family crisis. She guided me through the process of accepting what happened without judgment or criticism. Because of her coaching, I emerged from feeling helpless and hopeless to being more confident of myself, my abilities and choices. I could help myself and my family heal. Patti is trustworthy, patient, a great listener and exceptionally professional. She is easy to approach and encouraged me to make decisions that were well thought out. She is collaborative in her approach and never told me what to do. Patti always assisted me with critical and forward thinking. I would recommend Patti to anyone who is facing a challenge in life; I believe you will feel valued, energized and hopeful. ~ Patty


I had recently returned to a profession I had enjoyed prior to having children. Many things had changed in my field of work and the demands were increasingly very stressful. I wasn’t convinced this was the career path I wanted to remain committed to. With a Christian and Godly perspective, Patti, helped me discover the “desires of my heart.” She is an amazing listener and used the most intuitive and thought-provoking questions. With each session, I was able to discern my choices and evaluate my options which allowed me the confidence I needed to make my decision and move forward. One year later, I am grateful to Patti and her coaching expertise. Have total peace with decision I made and the direction I took my career. If there is anything in your life that your are wrestling with and pondering about often, I encourage you to contact Patti and invest in yourself…you won’t regret it! ~ Toni